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Spongebob brought his hands back up her sides under her dress causing her to moan, his hands were something else. She climbed just over his lap, grinding herself slightly against his erection, her hands explored his body, every dent, every curve, every pore of his soft spongy surface, her hands eventually found the soft silky material of his night pants. Their kiss quickly took a turn, getting deeper and needier. Sandy opened her eyes to look into his, he was staring back, she could feel her face turn red as he got closer, he waited for her. Sandy looked at him, "and, I'm surprised that you don't have a boyfriend, well then again I'm not. A little.

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Spongebob opened his eyes to look at her, he grinned before he had her pinned below him, her arms once again held down just above her head.

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SpongeBob-Sandy relationship

Tears began to fill her eyes as well, "I didn't mean. Spongebob brought her in closer as he kissed back, Sandy moaned as he sucked on her tongue that penetrated his mouth, not too long after he fired back, however with more fight that she put in. We look great…. Spongebob held his cock in place as he directed it into her eager snatch, he let out a groan as he penetrated her, she was so hot, and wet… huh. Calling my name. Sandy jumped and screamed, she covered her chest, "Sp, Spongebob!

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spongebob and sandy kiss naked
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spongebob and sandy kiss naked
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