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The hymenal injuries in Group 1 and Group 2 all healed rapidly and frequently left little or no evidence of the previous trauma. Included studies found that hymen examination does not accurately or reliably predict virginity status. Hannah Malone. One hymenal feature commonly examined in virginity testing is hymenal opening size. In Indonesia, the exam has been part of the application process for women to join the Indonesian police force [ 1213 ]. Centre for Women's Research; A spreadsheet was created of all the data extracted from these studies, and thematic analysis methods were used to develop broad themes.

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What Exactly is a Hymen?

Dignity on Trial. When a girl enters puberty and starts to produce the hormone oestrogen, this can cause the hymen to thicken and increase in width. While men may boast about the size of their genitals, you never hear a woman talking about her hefty hymen or colossal clitoris. Eval Health Prof. State-control of female virginity in Turkey: Much less common are hymens with two holes, much like nostrils. It can also be found in forensic examination forms in some countries.

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