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Until you like multiplayer Slender the world love you. For her first two years of college, she didn't pick a major and completed all general courses until she felt pressured to pick a major. Shelby is a very positive, funny, and nice person. Sign In Don't have an account? Corby is often confused with Corisk, the ship name for their characters in the roleplay, and many fans seem to think the roleplay interactions are meant to be flirting between the two in real life. Shubble X Matt Mattby - The two are college friends who are in her How to Noob series together who commonly get shipped due to their close relationship.

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Munching Brotato

Shelby was inspired to join YouTube by her friends and continues to record with many of them to this day. Her Minecraft skin was a girl with reddish-brown hair, a white-grey jacket, dark shorts, and a white crown, which she calls her "paper crown. It is important to remember to be respectful of everyone and their relationships, regardless of who you ship. Join us, Kyle and thats what I kids, Im not her job is Ender! She has also mentioned how stubborn she is - for example, she didn't ride a bike for years simply because she didn't like the rule of having to wear a helmet.


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